7 Most addictive prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are most commonly given to people suffering from or with injuries or
illnesses. They are legal when prescribed the medication by a legitimate medical provider or
GP. However, these drugs can still be addictive when taken as prescribed. People may
enjoy the feeling these drugs provide. Taking more of a drug than is necessary, can also
lead to addiction.


The following is a list of the seven most addictive drugs you’re likely to come across. You
probably have some of them in your medicine cabinet or purse!

is an opiate-based painkiller that can cause euphoric effects when it’s abused. It
also causes serious withdrawal symptoms, so patients may have trouble stopping the drug
once they’ve started it. Abuse by crushing, snorting, or injecting is most common and will
make withdrawal more serious in most cases. The chance of addiction to this drug is great.
The main character of the television show “House M.D.” faced issues of Vicodin addiction
and withdrawal throughout the series.

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