Below you will find answers to some buring questions you might have. We have taken the time to prepare a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily group and individual sessions

All meals are provided

Laundry service by centre staff

Daily medical and medication

Clients do have relaxation time

Physical exercise ( Gym available and regular walks)

Client outings

Treatment programs start from 21 days.

Extended treatment programs are available upon request and evaluation

We are fully registered with the DSD, BHF and medical aid schemes, which allows us to bill the medical aid schemes for in-patient treatment.

Most medical aid schemes cover alcohol and substance abuse treatment from a separate benefit within your medical aid scheme as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit.

Finding out if and how much your Medical aid covers can be difficult without the correct ICD and Billing codes.If you would like to find out if your medical aid covers treatment, get in touch and one of our trained professionals will assist you.

Detox from certain substances can be deadly, thus thorough evaluation is necessary to determine the immediate needs and need for detox.

Detox services are available and are done in-hospital.

A patient’s family is an essential part of their support structure. Visitation is allowed on weekends. Weekly visits can be arranged with the centre management. We are child-friendly and have a play park on property.

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Specialized services
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Qualified staff
  • After care treatment

We offer single and double en-suite rooms.  Male/Female separate

A good nights rest is important for mental and physical health,  as the treatment program is demanding.

For this reason it’s important our patients are comfortable and not crammed into a room together.

However difficult, we believe rehab should be a positive experience growing our clients and preparing them for life outside treatment.