South Africa and drug use

The current socio- economic state of South Africa has given way to a rapid increase in Drug
and Alcohol abuse. With the rising unemployment and cost of living, drug abuse has become
rife in all communities.

Some recent statistics show that 15{6b57004cbc6646019c80cbacf2e70acdf91272f4b9c3bf60b3e1556840891e0b} of south Africans will have an addiction problem within
their life. This is far above the norm for the rest of the world. With South Africa’s crime rate,
60{6b57004cbc6646019c80cbacf2e70acdf91272f4b9c3bf60b3e1556840891e0b} is drug related. Whether these crimes are committed by perpetrators on drugs, or fuel
by drug dependence remains a question to be answered.

“Tik” remains one of the most widely and most addictive drugs used today. It is because
“Tik” is so highly addictive that it has spread rapidly throughout our country and destroyed so
many lives in the process.

A new drug called “Krokodil” has also entered the market in the past year and has created
havoc. The reason why it’s called “Krokodil” is because of its flesh eating result where it is
injected. The flesh around the injection point literally rots away as the cells die and infect the
area around them.

Drug dealers and makers have come up with more and more ways to combine drugs. HIV
medication, household products and a variety of medication is cooked up to create cheap
and addictive drugs that can be manufactured literally anywhere. With the low cost and
availability of these drugs, the user seldom realises the high price they pay.

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